>> 1989-1999 <<   10 YEARS IN TECHNO
                                                            KLIKTRAK : 1999 @ The Rectory Studio : Bergville, kwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

From the genesis days in 1988 and the first productions and recordings in 1989 with brother Matthew (aka KONTROLMAN aka PARTYCHIEF
as PARSONS PROGRESS, to the pioneering LIVE electronica in South Africa, of  the critically acclaimed RED FRIDAY  from 1992, and finally 
the beginning of the solo project of KLIKTRAK in 1996, to where I find myself today in 1999...

10 years in techno : marking the first decade in  the evolution of my expressions through the medium of electronic music.

I wish to pay tribute and give my respect and thanx to all those who have encouraged and helped me through this time to achieve what I have, 
and enabled me to continue this journey into electronica...

Respect and Thanx to :

The folks and family, Kontrolman (Bru) and Party Chief , Debbie, Lisa, Greenman , Natural Selection , the PMB collective:  Dj B,  KLF (pmb) , MAE , 
the durban collectives : Kindred Spirit , Jess , Henn,  Underground Xpress, Toine, Sally , Roy [mean boy], Rob, Mel (your aura...), 
RMR (grahamstown), Mass dosage, Phiona, the UK connections : Dave B. , Les, Philip m. (aus), R. Hawtin, Chris Mayr (munich), 
House Natives Project , GTFO, S. Futter, Cyndi (wherever you`re at...), the whoreship group (for sex, drugs and rock`n`roll), Marcus and the Hex, 
Millers, Buzz Bar, the Basement, Powerzone, Bab`s Music (pmb), and to the cosmic forces...

Paying respect to those that have inspired me, the electronic musicans and artists,  and the electronic future dream, particularly as invisioned 
in Detroit...

To echo the words of Derrick May, as recorded in The Wire, issue 140 :

...To be honest with you, the Techno audience is nothing like I dreamed it would be. I always wanted it to be an audience of intellectual and 
very inspirational people, dance people, funky people, crazy people, everybody. It`s like that on a small level, but when you look at the large 
scale of Techno music, it`s completely lost. The convenience of not thinking has intervened into people`s lives.

...But in the long run, this music has lost out. This was the future music. This is not the future music it could have been.
If black
people had been there, we`re talking revolution, truly. Rock`n`roll would no longer exist.