"I grew up thinking that techno music is actually something that you can't imagine,"
    "If you hear something that you'd never expect to hear - that's techno. If you hear something that kind of sounds like 
    you've heard it before, then its not techno. So the whole idea of techno is to make something that's unimaginable. I'm not 
    implying that it's something that is easy to do, because it's not. It takes a very long time, sometimes...And a wild imagination. 
    You have to be able to dream. You have to be able to leave everything that you know and everything you have learned. 
    You have to create something completely new..."
    Jeff Mills : p17 : HISTORY OF HOUSE : 1996

    "...we don't have any of that respect for the past, it's strictly future music. We have a much greater aptitude for experiment"
    Derick May : p19 : HISTORY of HOUSE : 1996



    As KLIKTRAK has grown as an electronic music artist and producer in South Africa, while the society and political-economic and cultural
     dynamics around him ebbed and flowed in varying directions, critical questions began to arise, to the point of KLIKTRAK's conundrum.
     How as an electronic music artist can I continue in South Africa, being true myself, my art, my music and electronica ?

     What has largely precipitated this thinking has been the consistent lack of acceptance of KLIKTRAK's electronica and musical creations,
     because it doesn't conform to pre-existing "marketable categorisation". KLIKTRAK has been an artist out of time and sync with the 
     rest of South African music culture. Having started creating, producing and performing long before the advent of Rave culture and acceptance
     of electronic and dance music and culture in South Africa, KLIKTRAK was never going to have an easy time convincing others in various 
     electronica and dance music subcultures, that the music he created was indeed relevant to the contemporary electronica milieu.

     KLIKTRAK has moved in the underground and continues to do so.

    The CONUN:DRUM section will be a platform for expressions, musings, articles and writings by KLIKTRAK, as he moves with electronica in 
    South Africa through the 21st Century.
    [If you have articles/writing of significant intellectual substance to contribute on the topic of electronica and electronic future culture
     in South Africa and Africa feel free to e-mail them to KLIKTRAK for consideration for publishing on the CONUN:DRUM pages]