kliktrak_aka_Richard_Smith_Dec-2002WHO IS KLIKTRAK ? : BIOG

           NAME : Richard Smith    [aka KLIKTRAK]
     STAR SIGN : Pisces
            BORN : 1974
         GENDER : Male

    CURRENT LOCATION : Ladysmith, kwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

    CONTACT : kliktrak@mighty.co.za

   HIGHEST EDUCATION : Bachelor of Arts Degree, University of South Africa (UNISA) : 2002
                                        Majored in : Information Science and Sociology
                                      : Currently studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce - Informatics degree

     - Production co-ordinator/systems administrator in a CMT clothing factory.
        - Assistant systems and communications manager in a sock manufacturing factory.
        - Assistant manager in a dairy products distributor.
        - Manager of a CD store.
        - Projectionist in a cinema complex.

Interests include electronic music production, and studying media, communication,  and information theory -    
        particularly their relevance to interpreting related phenomenon in South African society, with particular focus on
        the relevance to the transformation and development process, currently prevalent in the socio-economic sphere of
        South African society.

        The initiative undertaken in studying, as well as actively participating in the real transformation of South African
        society, and moving towards the realisation of a true african renaissance , is hopefully echoed in the publishing of
        this site. The hope is that through constructive and positive interaction, between all South Africans, mediated
        using all appropriate technologies ( and without prejudice) this transformation process will be realised, and
        subsequently we as South Africans and Africans, will be able to interact with, and contribute fully to, the evolution
        and progression of global human culture.